Templates to Project Pages

Good Evening Gentalmen,

I am currently learning the Ignition System and loving it, the issue i am running into is i would like too make main Templates, and turn them into the Project Pages as i build them later down the road fittng the RTU and Field for the client.

I don’t mind adding my Tags Individually into there selected spots but im semi OCD and i want every page too line up the same as before but i can select the different RTU mod-bus points, so i don’t think the UDT tags are the best way to go right now.

Am i missing the simplest solution?

Correct me if I’m wrong. It sounds like you want to make a parameterized window. So, when you open a window you pass an instanc identifier into it, and it populates data about that instance. Then, you can open the same window again and pass a different instance, and see information about the second instance in the same way.

Is that what you meant?

Yes and No, your way seems like the simple solution but beyond my capabilities at this time

When the Operator logs in i want them too see one set of page layouts for each field, but the fields dont have a standardized set of programming. So i dont think i will not get away from inputting the individual tags into the pages. So i was wanting too build a couple standard page templates that i can then in-turn make them into the individual pages. This would allow me the opportunity to even build on the codes used in the system and it be a project wide change as well.

I hope that might help explain my intentions?

I’m still a little bit unclear, but it could just be because I have a certain idea in my mind about what templates are for, and your idea is outside my box. So, the most literal interpretation of what you’ve said invokes the answer in my mind, “No. You can’t convert a template into a window directly.”,

But, I have some ideas about alternative interpretations of what you’ve said so far. I have a couple of ideas that might lean towards what you’re trying to do:

A. Make the templates, and then just put each one onto its own display. Then, give the display parameters, and tie those parameters to the template parameters.
(This idea is almost the same as just making a set of parameterized displays, so I’m thinking this is not what you are wanting to do)

B. Make the templates, and make them all the same size. Then put any template onto the display. Make display parameters for all possible template parameters that you’ll need for any of the templates. Make one more display parameter for the template path, and bind it to the template path property on the template. Make sure that whenever you navigate to this display, you pass in all the tags and the template path so that the display knows which template to load in that space.

(In both of the above ideas, you’ve made a parameterized popup, and you said you didn’t want to do that, so I don’t think either of those is quite right)

C. Make templates for the things you want, and then simply put them all on the display somewhere, but link their visibility property to the status of a checkbox or something. This way you don’t have to deal with popups, and you’ve got all your ducks in a row. (The issue here is that now your display is loading a lot of information, which could slow it down).

D. Use a template repeater. You’ll have to study dataset manipulation a little since you’re planning to use multiple types of templates, but you can essentially pass in all your parameters as well as the desired templates as a dataset, and they’ll appear as a little section of the display with a scroll bar so that you can scroll through the loaded templates.

Last one:
E. If you already have a project, and it has templates on it, and those templates need to be changed into popups… you would make a copy of the template. (so now in your templates, you have “mytemplate” and “mytemplate copy”. Then, in the original (which has instances on your displays), delete all the contents and replace them with a button which opens a parameterized window. Then, put your “mytemplate copy” into the parameterized window, and make whatever changes you need, and then pass in the tags you need as parameters.

Do any of these address the issue?

I think you hit what i was looking for perfectly, with some excellent options, thank you very Much