Terminate Designer From Gateway

Like the current functionality to terminate Clients from the Gateway status it would also be nice to be able to terminate designer sessions from the Gateway status.

I have had it happen before where I left the designer open with a window open, which locked the window. And then later I was somewhere else and I needed to open a designer and edit that window but I couldn’t because I had the window open in another designer elsewhere, where it wasn’t easy to get to.

Terminating designers could have consequences… what happens to unsaved work?

I would say it would be lost.

Unless there was a way to save it back to the gateway. But maybe the desiger is been killed because it’s gone into lala land?

Given that only the admin can kill a session, I think it fair to assume that an admin would only kill a designer session when it was warranted and they would also be aware of and willing to live with the consequences of their actions. ie: lost changes. If this is not the cause, then it’s time to get a new admin.

Yes, I think it is fine if any unsaved work is lost on designer termination.

Or when terminating a designer from the gateway status page ie. clicking a link to terminate the designer, a pop-up could appear in the designer that says that the designer will be terminated in 60 seconds unless the termination is cancelled by pushing the cancel button in the pop-up.

This way the designer is not pulled beneath the feet of a user that is currently using the designer – a user currently using the designer could cancel the termination in the designer. Otherwise after the 60 seconds the designer terminates.