Terminate designer from gateway

I have come across a situation a few times where when one developer tries to open the global script module, we get the Edit Conflict pop-up, warning that it is unable to retrieve the edit lock for resource /sr.script.library, but that developer does not have the Script Module open, and in fact doesn’t even have the designer open. Usually when that happens, the other developer will open a designer and close it, and then the lock gets cleared. But today that developer isn’t available, and we’re kind of stuck.

I found this old thread requesting the ability to terminate designer sessions. This feature would have been pretty handy to have today. Has it been given any further consideration?


My solution has been to restart the Ignition Gateway.

Here is another feature request idea:

When a designer has been idle for a certain period of time the designer’s resource locks are automatically lost. When the designer becomes active again the designer can re-acquire its locks - this way changes which haven’t been saved are not lost.

Abandoned designer sessions can be terminated once they’ve timed out (1 minute)…

Or are you asking for something else?

What I’m seeing in this case is that even though the developer is not using this Designer session (and is pretty sure that he saved and closed it), the Last Comm keeps refreshing, so it never gets past the Timeout. I see that on my own Designer session as well. It has been idle for the past 45 minutes, but when I enable live values for it on the Gateway Session page, the Last Comm keeps going back and forth between 2 and 3 seconds.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for taking a look at this. I should clarify.

That 1 minute timeout is a timeout for when the designer stops communicating with the Gateway – loses a communication connection with the Gateway.

For example I could open up a designer a do nothing for 10 hours and it never times out because it never loses communication with the Gateway. It is always pinging or having some communication with the Gateway within 1 minute even when the designer is sitting open and nobody is doing anything with it.

I am talking about a timeout that detects that a user is no longer doing anything in the designer - or some form of this.

For example the idle designer timeout could be 10 minutes. If the designer is sitting open and the user doesn’t make any change or interaction in the designer then the designer automatically releases its resource locks after 10 minutes. And/or after the idle designer timeout the Gateway let’s the designer session be pruned.

(By the way, is there some easy way to force a remote designer to go out of communication with its gateway so that it can be pruned?)

Ah, ok, I see what you guys are on about :thumb_right:

Re-kindling an old thread… I have someone that left open a designer last night and has locks on the resources. I’m going to loose a day of work if I can’t force the session closed.

I’ve tried rebooting the GW, any other ways to kill the Designer session?

Found a hacky way to do it… Downloaded the project, then deleted it, then re-uploaded the project. It caused the other designer session to choke when the project was deleted.

If there is another better way, it would be great to know for the future!


@Kevin.Herron Any other ideas on this topic? I had a developer leave their designer open again today :angry:

Anything in the pipeline to allow forcing designers closed? If not, I’ll add it to the ideas page.

Add a temporary iptables rule to drop traffic to & from their IP address. That’ll kill it.

It was an intentional decision to not allow designer sessions to be remotely terminated, although nobody can remember why any more…

In 8.0 the fine-grained locking of resources is mostly going away and the issue of a developer leaving a designer open won’t be an issue any more.

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Hey all, not sure if there are other discussions out there which are able to answer my question... but I've ran into a similar situation.

I work a hybrid schedule meaning I occassionally work at the plant and occassionally at home. At home I use a VPN which I do not have a dedicated IP address. I am in designer and see that there is another user with vision windows open... the other user is me with a different IP address.

Because my IP changes everytime I use the VPN I am very unlikely to have my computer land on the same IP as what this "old" designer session user is referencing. I also do not have admin rights so I can't manually change my IP in control panel.

In this situation, how would I go about kicking my "old" session user out of designer? My biggest concern would be changes made today will be lost if somehow the "old" session overwrites the project (mostly speculation, but I'm curious).

Is the best way to simply restart the gateway? FYI on version 8.1.41