Terminating a Client

Tested an ongoing development GUI on another computer yesterday. This morning I noticed that the client, used for testing, was was still running as indicated on the Gateway status window. I terminated the client but it still runs. I tried several times but it did not terminate the client. I even tried terminating on the client computer. How can the client be terminated?

The “terminate client” button worded in a misleading way (we’re going to change that…)

It is really used to remove “orphaned” client sessions before the time-out naturally, which can be important in rare cases when using the limited version. If you try to terminate an actually running client from the Gateway, it won’t really do anything because the clients are built to be resilient (mainly for the clustering failover system). The client will simply re-establish its session if the session is terminated.

Like I said, this is weird, and we’re going to improve it. In the meantime, just close the actual client down, not from the Gateway but the client itself.

What about “clear session” versus a possible “force logout” feature to centrally disconnect a client by initiating a log off?

Yep, that would be much more intuitive.

Ok, as of 7.1.8, there is a “Terminate” link that actually does terminate a running session, brining the client to and “end-game” screen much like the trial timeout system does.

If the client has had no comm for 10 seconds, the link turns into a “Prune Abandoned” link, which simply harvests the session early, before the natural 10 min timeout.