Test and debug modules

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask a similar question and I apologize if i’m wrong with it.
I’m quite new about java applications (apart of some university porjects) and I would like to play and have fun trying to customize an ignition module.
I was able to set up the enviroment, and I built the archetypes with maven. So I tested them deploying the modules on the gateway.
My question is: which is the best way to test the modules? Is there a way to test them on my IDE without have to deploy them and restart the gateway?

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You still have to deploy them to a gateway, but you can enable remote debugging on the gateway and then attach your IDEs debugger and use it like normal.

In the ignition.conf file there’s 2 lines commented out in the “additional parameters” section that you can uncomment to enable remote debugging (after a gateway restart).

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Thank you for the answer Kevin…