Test Applications

This is a question about IA’s internal test procedures. None of my business really, but hey, that doesn’t stop me from asking. I assume that IA has developed a set of test projects and gateway applications that it uses to validate a new release. With the most recent release, Ignition is a mature product. At this stage, testing and validation is becoming more important.

For example, I’m pretty darned sure that the historical deadband is broken and the legacy alarm notification “Send Clear” is backwards in your most recent releases. I’m not so excited about spend 4 or 5 hours developing my own test application to prove to you that you have a bug, or to prove to myself that I did something wrong, as is often the case.

What I’m getting on about is would you consider releasing some of your test projects and gateways? I expect these to be ugly, but I’d rather start with what you are using than start from scratch, or at least have what are you are using available to examine.

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Releasing our test system wouldn’t be very helpful as it relies too much on other environmental things like PLCs and databases.

I acknowledge that we had some quality issues with the latest release, we had to rush some fixes and we all know what happens when we have to do that. We do understand that as the product is mature now we can’t tolerate issues like this. All I can say is that we’re doing our best to handle it.

Historical deadband was broken but has been fixed (7.6.1-rc3). We’ll have to look into your report about the legacy send clear option.