Test search on alarm status table works in designer not in client

I’m using a text field to search alarms on the alarm status table.
I have the following expression bound to the alarm status table:
’+{Root Container.Group.Text Field.text}+’
It works fine in the designer when I test it. I can enter the full tag name, partial name if it is a compound name like Low Level, or the tag path name like Station A or station b. Seems it is not case sensitive. I get a proper search 100% of the time.

When I launch the client and try it the search will sometimes work for all searches, but many times not on others. All it displays is a blank table. For example Low Pressure will sometimes show if I search on low, or low and high pressure if I search on pressure, or high pressure if I search on high or high pressure. Most of the time all the other searches will work, but not the ones for pressure and another one. Then sometimes all the searches work.
I’m using Ignition 7.9.4