Test wrapping in a dropdown

I can’t seem to stop the text from wrapping in a dropdown that I am using in a view in a table. I would like it to have a cutoff with ellipses. I have tried to set this up in the advanced options of the style menu, but it does not seem to work. I am curious if anyone has any other ideas? I am using Ignition 8.0.17.

Current (undesirable) state:

Desired state:
Recovery from down…

I’m struggling with the same issue.

It also wraps, and presumably would clip, very early leaving lots of space for the drop down arrow

Ideally I would the text to be allowed to extend behind the arrow before clipping.

Did you guys ever figure out your problem? I’m having the opposite problem, I cant make the text wrap when I want it to.

I have not resolved this issue yet.