Testing a menu bar

I used the menu editor to create some site navigation, but I don’t see any way to test it from within the designer. Do I need to deploy it to the web as a ‘finished’ product in order to see the menubar? TIA D. Lewis

Currently, yes, you can only test the menu bar from within the Runtime.

Note that you don’t have to treat your project as ‘finished’ in order to run it in the runtime. In fact, the application you’re developing is already ‘deployed to the web’ - you can just launch it from the main page of the Gateway at any time. If you have the project hidden from the launch page as you are developing it, you can still launch it by pointing your web browser to:

I actually find it most convenient when working on a project to always have the Runtime open, and just continually update the Runtime as I save changes in the Designer. This gives you the best feel for how the windows will scale in the aspect ratio of the project window. Of course, if your application runs in FSE (Full-Screen Exclusive) mode, this becomes inconvenient.

Hope this helps,