Testing Bluetooth

I have been attempting to test out the onBluetoothReceived session event but am not able to hit the method. I have a view set up for visual confirmation where I connect a label to a tag value and then write to that tag in onBluetoothReceived with

system.tag.writeAsync(['[default]BluetoothTag'], ['data.values[0].rssi'])

I then connect to my gateway on a mobile device to test if the method is hit, but even with turning my Bluetooth on/off and making sure there are other devices advertising I cannot seem to hit the session event. Is there a better way to test out the event that maybe I’m overlooking? I looked in the documentation, but there were no examples like there were for ‘barcode scanned’.

Are you on the very latest Ignition app on your device?


is the capitalized ‘W’ in ‘WriteAsync’ a transcription error or do you actually have that in your code?

Sorry about that it was a transcription error. I’ve also tried just changing the data inside tag to just a plain string to see if it was something wrong with the way the data was formatted, and I also tried printing messages to the console, but neither of those worked either.