Testing Ignition without a web-browser

I’d like to be able to test that Ignition is running properly on my system without having a web browser. Of course, I can check that the service claims to be running but I’d like to be able to make sure that the web interface is working properly.

I’m running Linux without a GUI. When I do the logical thing: curl https://myserver.mydomain:8043 I get nothing back. When I add the -L option to follow redirects I get back “curl: (47) Maximum (50) redirects followed”. Surely there’s some simple way to get the ignition homepage html to dump out to the screen.

You’re tripping on the redirect loop because curl doesn’t retain cookies by default. Try:

$ curl -b "" -L https://myserver.mydomain:8043

You might also benefit from retrieving the gateway state from our status endpoint or gateway system info as well, e.g.:


Perfect, thank you. I knew it was something simple I was missing, you just saved me a day of digging to figure that out.