Testing launching popups in Perspective

I’m guessing no, but is there any way to test the launching of and passing of parameters to a popup in Perspective from the Designer like in Vision?

I have a popup that accepts an array parameter which i’m passing to it, but it doesn’t appear to work… I want to know what the parameter being passed in is actually coming in as

Not yet.
You can just open popup in perspective and copy paste the your test value to the param of your popup and check the result.
Its ideal but it solve your problem

if I understood the problem correctly so as for me… I use system.perspective.print() in every script that I want to check, so that I can see in Output Console what is going on in desired script…
In Your case, I just set text parameter to Label element, so that I can see what is in Page Parameter… after some tests I just delete Label from Page…

I did do that, and it works, but passing the parameter doesn’t :thinking:

Yes I agree with with. Even worse than that is like bison double climbing on embedded view (template) doesn’t open it and you have to search all view to find the embedded view and open it manually

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If I understand correctly, you can get the information you want via running a session in Chrome + React Developer Tools. This gives a components tab in the standard Chrome developer tools interface which shows the React component tree. The generated React components are not named in a very readable way, but by mousing over the tree you can find the one you are interested in and then see the parameters and their values.

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You’re right that the names are super unfriendly! But I found my popup params that had been passed in :slight_smile: Thanks, very helpful