Testing Perspective on mobile device when project is on localhost

Hi, I am new to ignition and have created my first perspective project. I would like to test its functionality on my mobile device using the perspective app, but do not know how to connect it to the localhost where my project resides.

I have never defined a gateway other than local, so I am a little lost.
Any help is appreciated.

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Have you downloaded the Ignition Perspective App from Google Playstore ? On the bottom you will see the + key to find your gateway.

The alternative if you know the ip address of your computer is to type in x.x.x.x:8088 in the browser bar where x.x.x.x is the ip of the computer with your gateway.

Your phone and computer need to reside on the same network. Wifi.

Thanks Very much for your quick response.

Yes, I have the perspective app on my Android device and both my computer and Android device are on the same wifi. Yet when I click the + and choose Gateway Search it does not find my gateway.

I try it enter the gateway manually using the IPv4 address and port as you mention, but I get an invalid host response.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

You may need to open up port 8088 on the gateway computer.

That was it!

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A very helpful tool is when you are on your browser i.e chrome press F12. This will open the DevTools. On the top of the page you should be able too see an option where you simulate a mobile view. There is some predefined views for specific devices i.e iphone X, iphone 7 etc. or you could define whichever resolution you wish. We use this all the time when we are developing on perspective to test our views on smaller devices.

Here is a helpful link: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools