Text Alignment & Animation for integer value on button

1)how to do spacing & alignment of texts on normal button.alignment%20of%20text%20in%20normal%20button .

2)suppose I have integer tag, for different values I have to set different colours on button
iam facing issue because (greater or equal) Expression.
for example when I set integer value to 1 Button animation should be green
when I set integer value to 2 Button animation should be yellow
when I set integer value to 3 Button animation should be Red
when I set integer value to 4 Button animation should be Blue

  1. If the built in text controls aren’t sufficient, you can use a limited subset of HTML - just add it to the button’s Text property, eg <html><center>Turn Table Basket Receiving</center>

  2. Use the Style Customizer to customize animation.

thank you very much.it working perfectly.
Iam facing major issue while using momentary button or normal button to set or reset Boolean bits.
when I configure momentary button or normal button using event action
when pressed set(db1.dbx0.0)
when released reset(db1.dbx0.0)
iam browsing these tags from plc through opc.

when I press button db1.dbx0.0 is true
when I Release button db1.dbx0.0 is some times reset and sometimes not.
db1.dbx0.0 continuously true
in logic these bits are not overwritten, all communication settings checked.
still error not resolved??
could you help me.

New, unrelated questions ought to be new topics, but in this case:

This is a common, ugly problem. Momentary buttons and query-response protocols don’t play well together. Anyways, start with this topic and follow to the linked topics:

iam facing these button problems in my three projects which are in commissioning process.
we have many manual actions in our projects through these buttons.
so iam highlighting this issue repeatedly.

so I need solution quickly to resolve this problem.
I need to understand where is problem exactly.
is it tag problem or button or protocol problem???

It is a fundamental problem with common PLC protocols that is exacerbated by the typical network architectures of SCADA systems and the event models of PC-based GUI operating environments. Read the topics. There are robust techniques to avoid the issues.

The way i resolved this issue through PLC by simply adding a logic to reset this momentary bit in 5 sec.

yes we can do it by plc,
but what is use of buttons provided on ignition software?//

how to pop up particular screen in ignition 7.9.8,
on Boolean bit, which will set by plc.

That would be a client tag change event.

Hello guys,

1)How to differentiate clients on different ip address in ignition
how to provide functionality accessibility based on ip address in ignition??

2)Normal buttons can be used for navigation? if so these why these button keeps get stucked?
I have used action performed event to open screen.

3)In Our project we have turn table,from ignition designer v7.9.8 we have Momentary button to start and stop commands for turn table
when we give start command from ignition designer using momentary button .
turn table will rotate continuously without stopping, because momentary button is getting stucked its not working as momentary button !!
if we use reset logic from plc to this reset momentary button,
their are several problems
firstly turn table speed will be varying always not fixed.
so reset logic will not work.
second we cant define time in reset logic because of varying speed.

I need exact solution how can I start & stop turn table using momentary button or any other button.
or any scripting let me know.

  1. Try the scripts in this post (for Vision, not Perspective):

Probably want to save the results of your location decisions in a client tag to make it available to all windows in your project.

  1. Go study all of the posts I linked, and maybe the links within those posts. This is not a problem specific to you, or to Ignition. There are a number of solutions that don’t use the bit reset pattern (though PLC code is required for all solutions) in those linked posts. Pick one.