Text area background color change automatically


I’m working on a new application and i have a text area with black background color by default, when i toggle in preview mode, focus on the text area change automatically background to white color and i don’t understand why…
When i use a script “focusGained” to change the background color to red (for example), it doesn’t works (always white) but on “focusLost” script, it works.

My question: how to avoid the change to white color ?

Hi Clement,
I have the same question. We you able to resolve this?

Assuming this is the Vision text area, it is just a bug in our software that currently has a fix pending to be merged in. I suspect it will be merged into the next version of 8.1.x but I cannot make that promise as it is part of a much larger fix for some various visual problems in Vision.

I’m not able to resolve it, i’ve just made a temporary solution with “focusGained” and “focusLost” scripts with foreground color text.

Ok, think you for your reply.
Do you have an idea of the date where the next version will be available ?

Thanks Clement. For once its not my lack of knowledge and poor scripting, nice to know its a bug…that will be fixed :slight_smile: :nerd_face:

Bug fixed in 8.1.9