Text area component multiline text result

Hi, i want to do a select query from a DB containing the address in multiple lines. I query and address from multiple columns and i need to displayed it as one address all together. i was able to do this on a table component but to edit anything on the result the user needs to edit row per row and i want them to just be able to scroll or move the cursor . so a text area is ideal for this. only problem is the textarea does not take html so i can’t do the
to break the lines. any ideas? has anyone created a component that can handle html and be a textarea?

you can break lines in textarea with \n
you might also ahve to add style white-space: pre though probably not

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Hi thanks but that does not work when I’m bringing the data from a query binding . But thanks anyway

I’m thinking of the top of my head, can you query this in a custom property or two, then use an expression binding for the text property to use string manipulation to bring it together as you want?

Imo, using a single component to display this for editing is not the right way. You’ll get users who stuff it up by changing the precise format you’re looking for in order to correctly write back what they’ve input into the individual sql fields, unless you’re going to be using something like Google’s address lookup API which can pull out the parts of the address (assumption).
I would be using multiple input components to enter in each field

hi, the write back is not a problem at all. because this is for a bill of lading screen that the idea is to retrieve a saved address from the database table called address. if the operator then changes anything here like a contact name or phone when i save this will be save to a different table in a different format that will be only retrieve if the same Bill of lading is open to edit. so it will not modified the address format for the customer it will only save for that BL. I think i just will pull it like @rpavlicek suggested into different property and then bind them separately into one address. it is complex for what i was hoping but I really don’t want to spend more time looking for a different solution at the moment.

thanks everyone.