Text Box and Numeric Text box Object Scripting


I have done some VB scripting in other HMI and SCADAS
I am new to the Phython Scripting,

How do I move the value between objects

for instance,

I have an Object Numberic_Text_box_1 in window1, root container
and I have an Object Numeric Text_box_2 in Window2 container

in vbscripting usually we use createobject…
but what about ignition, isn’t it possible to retrieve obj value from other windows / containers

your insight will be appreciable



Normally you need to pass data from a parent window into a sub-window. If this is indeed what you are doing, in Ignition you would normally pass the data from the parent window to the sub-window when opening it using parameters. You input the parameter names and values in the Navigation dialogue of a button (for example) - the names used should match dynamic property names in the sub-window root container. These dynamic properties are set to the values passed in on opening.

You can then animate objects in the sub-window using these dynamic properties.

You can do this directly through scripting. This covered quite thoroughly in the user manual. See Scripting > Python > Python in Ignition > Working with Components

Thanks Carl,

I would try