Text Box Clear Issue

Since upgrading to 7.6.4 I have noticed a problem with trying to clear a text box.

I have a screen that looks at the property change event of a text box with defer update disabled. when the text box reaches 5 characters in length the text box clears itself. after the upgrade the text box no longer will clear.

For curiosity I also setup two other scenarios. rather than the text box clearing itself i made a button and when the length of the text in the text box is reached it clicks the button. This does not work either, but if i click the button manually it works. the third scenario is the same as the second except I click the button inside a invoke later function.

any ideas why the text box is no longer clearing? attached is a window with the three scenarios.

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I called into tech support. On the text box there is a property called “Reject Updates During Edit”. Either this property was not there or was not working correctly before I upgraded to 7.6.4. Once we set the property to false the text box will now clear itself.


Thanks for coming back to update this thread.

In version 8.0.7 the Text Field component property ‘Reject Updates During Edit’ has a scrollover caption that says "If True, this field will not accept updates from external sources (like DB bindings) while the user is editing the field. I found that while True it won’t accept updates from itself either (which I don’t think is an external source). I have the following code on the components property change event. Notice the comment detailing which line won’t work.

serial = event.source.text

if event.propertyName == 'text':
	eventLength = len(serial)
	if eventLength < 8:
	elif eventLength > 8:
		system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getComponentForPath('Root Container.txt_Model').requestFocusInWindow()
elif event.propertyName == 'enabled':
	system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getComponentForPath('Root Container.txt_Model').requestFocusInWindow()

Scripts are very much an external source. External to the operator keyboard/mouse.

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I learn something new everyday. I always assumed if I right click on the component that I was still “internal” to the component. I didn’t realize I was going external.

Snark aside, the component has no clue that the script trying to write to it was triggered by an operator right-click.