Text box / window refresh

Could you please help with the code to continually refresh a text area or window when it is being viewed? What I am trying to do is create a “blackboard”, where one window has only two text areas on it. One is only editable when management is logged in, but is readable by everyone, the other one is for operators and is editable / readable by everyone at any time. So far, everything works great except that when a text box is edited the new text is not visible until a different window is opened, then the blackboard is reopened - i.e. refreshed.

What is the text area bound to?

The text area is bound to a db tag, datatype = string.

Is it bound bi-directionally? If it is bound to a SQLTag as soon as the SQLTag changes the text area would refresh. Maybe you can post your window or an example of the problem.

It is bound bi-directionally. And, it is working correctly now. I had to change the Defer Updates to True.

Ah yes, that one gets people.