Text boxes not getting values on some PCs

I have a form that queries several database tables to get values depending on a calendar date. I bound the text field of several textboxes to individual SQL queries. These queries collected a sum, but had a fallback value of 0. When I ran the form, it worked just fine on all the PCs I checked it on, in the front office area. I found that the PC in the packaging area, which is many hundred feet away and running Windows XP, had these queries always return the fallback value of 0. I set the query to the relative rate of 100 ms, but it was always still 0 on this PC. I checked another PC running Vista on the desk beside this one and it appeared to work just fine. I checked other PCs running XP in the office area and they work just fine also. I moved the query to a dynamic property on the root container and then it updated correctly on my troubled PC.

Has any reported any issues like this before? Any idea what could have caused this behavior?

Thanks in advance.

That does sound bizarre. Is the timezone set the same on this computer as on other computers? If you see the behavior again, take a look in the console (Help, Diagnostics, Console tab) and see if there are any errors in it.

I checked and the timezone is set correctly. I’ll switch the application back this weekend when no one is using it and check for errors in the console tab.
Thanks for the suggestion and I’ll let you know what I find.