Text cursor in legacy script editor is way off in 8.1.25

Upgrading a system from 7.9.9 to 8.1.25. This system has some legacy scripts as it's been around since 7.4 iirc that were never brought to the project scripts as there are many of them and it works, so there's never been a need to.

I am trying to edit something in the legacy script now. Here's an example of where my cursor appears to be

and when I type the letter c

Luckily I don't have to edit a lot here, but you can see that its like 15ish characters off from where it enters the text and where it appears to be.

If you set your windows scaling to a non-fractional value (100%, 200%) it should work better, though not always great.

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Turning it to 100% (didn't realize I had it at 150%) did make the cursor position and where it really is the same, so that seems to have fixed it (if it's off it's by pixels now if at all).