Text editing help needed, json copied, edited, but can't paste

I can’t paste my json to the project browser to replace the json.

What am I doing wrong?
8.1.0 perspective

on 100 labels I am replacing

Was trying to avoid editing each one individually.

You’re missing the quotes

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What quotes?

oh the python code, I have edited it in now.

But how do I paste the json? or what is stopping me from being able to paste it.

I have pasted json to the project browser before. I don’t know why I couldn’t today.

What exactly are you trying to replace? A View? A component(s) in a view?

For View, are you shift+right clicking on the view?
For a component, you can just paste json directly into a container. Check console for any errors

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I right clicked on flex container in a view, copied it to notepad++

edited the text

Then when I right clicked to paste on that flex container or the parent, neither allowed me to paste.

Previously, I had definitely pasted somehow, as I had copied and generated several flex container columns of containers and time series charts.

You have to select the parent container and paste it into that. Eg deep select container, ctrl v

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Thanks for helping

I will try tomorrow. Maybe I had not deep selected the parent, only the duplicate? Would think it would let me paste still.

You can’t paste over the top of a component, you have to paste it as a new component

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