Text encoding in Vision Table

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i don't know if i am in the correct category but i will give it a shot.

I want to show an Oracle's table data in a Vision Table with DB Browse, i may use a query later.

The problem is that the table has some columns containing greek text ex. Δ-104. Because of that, the Table in Vision shows some unreadable text instead of Δ.

Could someone explain to me what i have to do in order to show the data properly?

Oracle's NLS parameters are:
NLS_Territory: AMERICA
NLS_Character_Set: AL32UTF8

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Can you add a screenshot or a description of what the "unreadable" text looks like? That will help diagnose the issue. But to answer your question, everything in any part of Ignition is either UTF-8 or UTF-16.

That said, looks like Greek letters in AL32UTF8 have been a problem for other applications as well. This may be of help.

thank you for your answer and i am sorry for the late reply, i was out of office.

Screenshot 2022-11-21 103937
Screenshot 2022-11-21 103735

As you can see, Ignition can't show the Π symbol from the database.
I thought that the Oracle NLS encoding configuration at the client side will be enough, so i was thinking if i could set the encoding through Connection Initialization Commands for example, if not the db config is a one way solution.

Which version of Oracle are you using? (Note: I'll be out of the office the rest of the week, so if someone else feels like jumping in here...)

It's Oracle 11gr2.

Update: My problem was solved. It was the encoding at Oracle's client side. I changed the client settings and then i updated the problematic data.

Thank you for your time!