Text Field Behaviour

Text Field Behaviour
Morning all, happy new year (for those who follow the Gregorian calendar)

I’m just finishing up a project and a couple of niggles that I’d like to iron out.
In the text filed component I’m finding that keyboard operation such as tab, return, arrows, home, end, delete, (not backspace) don’t operate in the client, in the designer they work as they should, I don’t recall this being a problem before.
I also see that this is also an issue with the Numeric Text Field as well.
Any Ideas?
Version 7.7.2
Java8 update 25 (build 1.8.0_25-b18)
Windows 8.1 pro 64bit

I can’t see any issues in the client on a Mac, and nothing has changed with that component for quite a while. (Kind of shocking, really.) This might be something for Tech Support to help you with.

I tried it earlier today on a 7.7.0 project and its fine.
I will play, it’s very strange, I ‘ve got a few weeks before it is deployed so now worries for now.

Seems like i have the same problem in 8.0.13 :frowning:
In the designer everything works as it should be but in the client the keys such as backspace, delete and my arrow keys are not working :frowning:

This behaviour is also on more components, for now i tested it with a table (which is editable) and a text area and both does have this behaviour

This is fixed in 8.0.14