Text Field Input Problems

I am working with the text field input for string tags. If I add a text field from the component palette and link a string tag to the Data.Text property it doesn’t work. I can change what is in the text box but it doesn’t update the tag. But if i drag the tag and tell it i want a text field it works just fine.
I have checked the properties of both the text fields to make sure that they are the same and they are as far as i can tell. Even text field that were working before no longer work.

The project i am working in was created in version 7.6 and is now running in version 7.7.0

I have had the same problem with the two stage button. If I link the properties manually it doesn't work but if i drag and drop the tag it works fine.

Please let me know what can be done to make them work correctly.

Do the tag bindings to the text fields have “Bidirectional” checked?