Text field is interpreting symbol "&" like concatenate (+)


I have a Textfield (input), and I’m using it to get information from a barcode that returns something like this:


the problem after I press enter and try to get the value (text) self.props.text, the system is interpreting the symbol & like concatenates (+).
How can I get this: ab12345&xxx754xx&acd458www55 ?

I’m not seeing the problem in a mock-up here.

Ampersand in text

For the test I configured a script in the Text Field onKeyUp event:
self.getSibling("Label_0").props.text = self.props.text
This seems to pass through the string containing ampersands without difficulty.

Can you try to reproduce it? Maybe edit your question to include the Ignition version too.


Thanks for the answer, but the problem is happening after I press Enter and populate the information in another place ‘Label’ for example.
What I’m doing is getting the information from the text field passing from Event onKeyDown , and executing a Query in SQL.
I’m using Ignition 8.1.

I am unable to reproduce this within Ignition. What flavor of DB are you using? How are you calling the query?

In some flavors of DB the ‘&’ is a special character and may need to be escaped to be used as you are trying to use it.


Thanks for all answers.
The real problem was with the scanner that I was using :man_facepalming:t4:.