Text Fields Defaulting to value of Closed window

I have a window that all of it’s text fields defaulting to values of previously closed windows. How do I fix?

Those values are properties that get saved with a window just like everything else. Turn database communication off in the designer, set the values to whatever your zero’d/default values should be (you can select multiple components and change the property of all at once), then save your window. Be careful, if those properties are bound, then going into “preview” mode will set the values. If default values on bound properties matter, you can test your project in the client or re-set the values prior to publishing the project.

Does this make sense?

Alternatively, if you’re reusing the same window as a popup, you’ll want to disable caching.

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Excellent. Thank you.

No problem. Window caching is useful to read about in the user manual under Window Properties.