Text linked to integer


I would like to visualize text linked to an integer.

Like if integer value = 100 - Text = “Adding acid”

integer value = 110 - Text = “Circulating acid”

What is the best way to do this?

I’m new to ignition and at this point everything is going great. So I’m sorry if this a is an easy question for most of you.

Thanks in advance!


There are different ways to do this.

One way easy way to do it is by using the Style Customizer on the “Multi-State Indicator” component. Here’s a link to the documentation about that and a link to a video about that:

Here is what to do:

  1. Put a “Multi-State Indicator” component on the window.
  2. This component has a property called “State”. This is where you put your integer value, like 100 or 110.
  3. Right click on the Multi-State Indicator, select Customizers -> Style Customizer
  4. Then edit your styles for the different values. Click on the little down icon next to the X icons to edit what is displayed.

You can do the same thing as above with other components too. For example you could do this with a Label component. Add a custom property called “status” to the label component and use that as the driving property for the Styles.

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Thank you nmudge this works exactly as I wanted it to!