Text list ignition

Dear experts,

I have a list of stepnumbers that I want to visualise.
This woks perfectly with the objects provided by Ignition.
Except if i want to Re-use the stepnumber - text combination is there an easy way to do this?

For example I want to visualise the same object on another screen with same text-stepnumber.

Is there an easy way if i change it on 1 object it automatically changes on another object?


The easiest option is probably to put the dataset in a tag. We often put these configuration datasets (id + description) in tags and display them on multiple dropdowns throughout the system. It doesn’t cause us any issues.

An alternative would be to store it in a database. But that requires a bit more configuration work. The main advantage is that it’s also available outside Ignition.

I would store the master copy of these in a database and cache it in a memory tag. I’d use a gateway project startup event to perform the caching, via a separate function in a script module. I’d include a gateway message handler that could also call that function to reload the cache. (If you provide user-editing, perhaps.)