Text-to-speech alarms

Hey folks,

I am currently looking into configuring a text-to-speech alarm notification system. Ideally, when an alarm triggers an associated message is played through a speaker system (for example: "Tank 4, Critical alarm, Liquid level is currently at 20%").

I found Ignition's built-in Voice Notification Module, which utilizes VOIP over a SIP gateway. This seems like the optimal solution for phone call notifications, however, in my situation I just need the audio to be outputted to a field speaker device. I am also aware of the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech AI, which seems to require more work, though is another solid route.

Curious if anyone has any insight or lessons learned from using the Voice Notification Module / Google TTS, or if there are better ideas on how this can be implemented. Thank you!

I think you will find this of interest.

Actually, scratch that, as that one was for vision. You may be able to still use it as a proof of concept.