Text to speech engine

I have version 8.1.3

Is there a way to interact with the text to speech engine for alarm notification?
I am using the alarm notification module which works great except for the quality of the voice and I believe this has to do with how I am using it.

I purchased a PBX that has an audio output.
An alarm goes through and dials the pbx extension then plays the tts message through the audio output which I have connected to our PA system amp. The voice gets choppy and i can hear static in between her words.

I want to grab the converted speech from the tts engine and play it over speakers. I figure I am losing something in conversion at the pbx which is what makes it sound choppy at times.

Any help is appreciated.

You may want to take a look at your Ignition gateway CPU utilization. I’ve seen choppier audio when the gateway CPU gets high (i.e. greater than 50%).