Textarea, adapt height to text lenght

Hi all,

I’m using a viewcanvas to list a set of views with a text area, in some ways like a feed/blog entry. I’d like to have the text field adjust the height to match the content text. The canvas will add scrollbars when needed.

Using a factor to the character count it sort of works, but I need to include component width as the resolution is not the same every time. Wrap is enabled. It has to be a TextArea to view the text correctly. markdown did not suit the application.

Can’t find any setting to do this. Is there a way to do this that I don’t see?


dont think so, not without javascript,

you can let the user manualy resize the textarea tho with one of the properties
(or add style resize:both

I wonder if there is a parameter for the TextArea that shows a line count?

Nope, doesnt even exists in javascript, atleast not that is counting linewraps