TextArea property change event bug Version 7.7.4

Currently testing version 7.7.4 prior to upgrading. This could just be a change in behavior since 7.5.13 but it sure seems like a bug to me.

When the text of a TextArea control is changed via script no property change event occurs.

What I did to confirm this:

On a new window place a TextArea control and 2 buttons. In the TextArea propertyChange event handler I added

print "Property change: % s" % event.propertyName

In the actionPerformed eventhandler for button 1

event.source.parent.getComponent('Text Area').text = ""

and in the actionPerformed eventhandler for button 2

event.source.parent.getComponent('Text Area').text = "Any text at all"

When doing this in 7.5.13 I see “Property change: text” in the console every time I press either button.

In 7.7.4 I get nothing.

EDIT: This only occurs when “Defer Updates” is set to True in 7.7.4. In 7.5.13 the control works as expected regardless of “Defer Updates” state.

This likely has to do with a change that was made in 7.7.3. When defer updates is set to true the behavior of the text area is that the text property will not update until focus is lost. However this still seems like a bug because even when the text area doesn’t have focus the text property is indeed being set correctly but a property change is not firing. I’ll add bug report for this on our end.