Textbox requestFocus

Can someone help me understand the following? This is on 7.6.3

I have the a Table with header MyValue and 3 rows:

Val 1
Val 2
Val 3

I have a textbox underneath with the text property bound to:

if ({Root Container.Table.selectedRow}!=-1, {Root Container.Table.data}[{Root Container.Table.selectedRow},"MyValue"],"")

Selecting the different rows will display the cell value into the textbox.
However if you give the textbox focus (clicking inside or by using requestFocus()) and then select a row from the table, the textbox is not updated.

This is because when the text box has focus, it ignores updates from bindings. If it weren’t for this you’d never be able to write a value into the text box, it would keep getting overwritten every time there was an update. Now the focus staying in the text field is a little strange, but adding a script on the table’s mouseClicked event to request focus back in the table should work.event.source.requestFocusInWindow()

Makes sense. Thank you.