Textshape - Overflow Behavior?

I need to display multiple lines of text in the textshape in report and need texshape to expand based on size of the text in it. In the documentation is writtent there should be possible to set property Overflow Behavior to 'grow row' value. Problem is I cannot see this value. Do you know how to make it available? Thank you

Are you in a table cell?

I tried to put it directly to report and I also tried to put it to the simple table. In the simple table can see just two values: Shrink text to fit a none.

Hmmm. Is that table cell unstructured? You may need to use that and place your own field.

it is Simple table with one column and one row. So there is one cell which is linked to database field and this field contains plain text.
Data Key of the table is linked to Named Query (which returns just one row from the database). Table cell is linked to field from the named query

even if I put it to Table and make it unstructured I still cannot see value 'grow row' for Overflow Behavior property