Tga address discrepancies when addressing SLC plc

Ok this is not a big deal if you address everything by drilling down to the address through the tag editor.

It is however a big deal if you are doing bulk tag imports from other programs.

The problem is this
When addressing an I or O file in an AB SLC the format is as follows
[node]O:6/05 (note the requirement for a 2 digit bit specifier) (O:6/5 will not work)

When addressing a N (integer) file the format is as follows
[node]N:6/5 (note the requirement that there not be any leading 0s) (N:6/05 will not work)

This is a pain since I have over a hundred tags to edit and everyone following the same path (bulk csv imports) will come up against this which is not especially obvious. The solution would be to make the Ignition SLC driver tolerant of the lack or presemce pf leading 0s in the bit number specification.



I’ve add a ticket to get this fixed… the driver should allow both formats.

FYI- The leading 0’s issue in SLC addresses has been fixed for 7.3.2 (scheduled to be released the week of Nov 28th). You can also download the latest 7.3.2 beta now if you don’t want to wait for the final release.