The Easiest Way to Manage Databases In Ignition: New Database Editor

The Database Editor is a free Ignition project.

It is a graphical user interface that makes the following things easy:

  1. View and query database tables.
  2. Edit table cells.
  3. Insert and remove rows.
  4. Create new database tables.
  5. Alter existing database tables, including renaming tables, renaming columns, adding and deleting columns, changing the order of columns, changing the data type of columns, adding indexes, removing indexes and editing various settings on columns such as default values and auto increment.
  6. Delete database tables.

Check out the short video demo here:

This image shows the SQL Data Editor tab.

This image shows the Table Editor tab:

Find out more and get it from this webpage:


Nice job! that is wicked.

Thanks Zack! I always love your input.

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