The jury is still out on how much AI and ML are doing so far

This article may be of some interest to some of you perhaps.

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My only complaint on the article is the line “the jury is still out on how much AI and ML are doing so far” is a little misleading, since it makes it seem like the issue is AI and ML itself, rather than the way some companies are marketing their analytics products. Small quibble.

But I definitely give a thumbs up for the main theme of the article – implementing AI and ML (or any analytics at all) isn’t a turnkey project. You definitely need domain knowledge and participation from as many stakeholders as possible.

Thanks for your comments. In fact the title of the article was " AI and ML on deck for data analytics" I took the liberty of changing it to its para heading, to catch the attention of viewers. Hope the authors excuse me for that!

I agree with the author’s and your views that you need domain expertise first to apply AI/ML. Right now the situation is , we have a solution and we are finding a problem to solve it, using these tools and data! I am yet to see an impactful case study, atleast in process industry. There are some success stories in manufacturing industry I guess. Hopefully we will see some use cases in process industry as well pretty soon.

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