The lock usage of buttons in Ignition 8


I saw that there is a lock option by editing the Button with clicking the right key of mouse.
There will be a lock icon displayed on the lower-right side of the button if the lock option is checked.

We want to implement a lock feature for the button. When a lock flag is set, the lockout icon will be displayed on the Button.

I searched the manual of Ignition 8 and didn’t any information for the lock icon of the button.

So is there anyway that I could set the lock icon of button without select the [Lock] option of the button by clicking the right key of mouse?

Lock in the designer keeps you from moving the component. It doesn’t have anything to do with the client.

If you are looking for something in the client, bind the Image Path property of the button to the graphic you want (for example: Builtin/icons/16/lock.png)

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Thank you for explain. I will use another png image to bind the button