The login page at Vision project runtime

How do I change the vision project launch login page?Do I want to add some style changes to the login page or hide some elements that I don’t want to see?As shown below, I want to hide or modify the elements in the red box.If it is better, how can I make my own login page? I don’t know how to set it, which makes me very distressed. I hope to get your help.

Hello friend,
You need to change setting in “Project Properties” as per attached snip.

Beyond that, no, you cannot further customize the login dialog to remove the logos.

If you really want a fully custom login screen, create a new project with auto-login enabled. Set up a single window with a text field and password field. Add a button that will run - then, if the user switch succeeds, use system.util.retarget to switch to your ‘real’ project.

I see. Thank you

Although this wouldn’t stop people from just launching the main project from the gateway :slight_smile: I guess you could check if the user is logged in and retarget is back to the login project if not… or similar. All in all though, the work around is very clunky! Is this something that might be available natively in the future? Or should we create an idea for it?

I see. Thank you

Unlikely. Whitelabeling the software was/is an option for 7.X versions (for $$$), but the code to do so was dropped from 8.0 and I haven’t heard of any plans to reintroduce it.

Where do these images get displayed at? I have included them in my project but do not see them through the login process.