The missing sqlt tables

What does it mean when the sqlt tables (_Core,_mete, etc) do not existing in the default database? My default db has the sqlth and alert_log tables but not the sqlt. I didn’t notice until I tried using the AlarmEditWindow app extra and all of the queries failed.



The sqlt tables (core, meta) are only used if you have the legacy software FactoryPMI or FactorySQL or if you are using a database driving provider in Ignition. In Ignition we no longer store tags in a database but rather in the internal database. You will have the sqlth tables if you have used the SQLTags historian feature.

Well that explains the first part. So now to what I was working on when I noticed this. Can the AlarmEditWindow be modified to function in Ignition or is there another solution? I need to be able to at least modify alarm severity from the Vision module for notification purposes.



If your tags are in the internal provider you cannot use the AlarmEditWindow since they don’t exist in the database. You cannot modify internal tags in the client right now. You have to go into the designer. What I would do in your case is add a database driving provider and stick all of your alarm tags in it. That way we will create the sqlt tables and you can use the AlarmEditWindow. To create the database driving provider go into the gateway configuration page and select SQLTags > Realtime. Add a new one and select database driving provider. Lastly select your database connection and create it. Hope this helps.