The next big step

I can create a template in designer with buttons ans switches and labels and pretty pictures that change on the state of a point (or points). I can the group it all and save in a palette as a single component.

I can create a bunch of (SQL/OPC) Tags for a device and place them in a folder.

The next big step would be the ability to tie the two together so that I could drag the Tag folder onto a window and the populated component would appear. Or at least drag the component on to a window and then drop the Tag folder on it to drive the appearance of the component.

This would decrease development time from days to hours.

Seems like you could use indirection to achieve this already…

Actually, the ability to create bindable templates that can be included in the list when a tag is dragged on to a window is what I’m really looking for.

Travis mentioned that you guys had an idea on how to do this. Is it still in the idea stage?

I’m still not sure about the custom tag-drop handling, but I do think that the upcoming “template components” feature will satisfy the underlying need.

Eagerly awaiting the release…

(where is panting dog icon?)

[quote=“Robert”]Eagerly awaiting the release…

(where is panting dog icon?)[/quote]

Here ya go, Robert… :wink:

:smiley: Thanks

This won’t literally be in the next release (7.1.4, tomorrow), but will be in an upcoming minor (the middle number) release.