The opc points change quickly in the tag browser, but some take a long time to change?

These points include the opc, expressions and the tag editor have set a 30-second acquisition frequency, but far away in the time from the last published value :

I want all types of points to change quickly rather than a fixed value. The last published value should be time before 30s.
Thank you !

The last published time should be 30s only if it actually changed its value within/after the scan.
If value haven’t change after the scan time, then, the last published value won’t change. The scan happened but nothing was published.

I just noticed something, you should not execute a runScript() in tags.
Instead, create some gateway timer script, put your code there and write it to a memory tag.
But with that big time scan, I think it’ll be ok, I’ll let someone else to give some option about this.

Actually, runScript inside a tag is fine if the tag group is not used by other non-run-script tags. If you run it with other tags, then you risk your other tag update rates being affected

The point(expression type) is calculated from the opc point with runScript(), either the opc point or the expression point changes slowly. I found that the opc point has changed but the expression point occurred earlier.


runScript("system.opc.readValue('ES', 'ns=2;s=MODBUSTCP1_1.DB_3P01_1.IC').getValue()") * pow(10, (runScript("system.opc.readValue('ES', 'ns=2;s=MODBUSTCP1_1.DB_3P01_1.UPT_IPT').getValue()") & 255) - 4)

How can I do it to make these points look like real-time?

I still don’t quite understand it
Can it be in detail?

Why are you using instead of creating OPC tags to monitor these OPC items?