The people side of moving the control room to Linux

Hi everyone. I am wondering if you will share your anecdotes of how you managed the people aspect of a shift from Windows to Linux for your SCADA system. How did you get buy in from the operators? How did you get buy in from decision makers? What problems and road blocks did you come across during and after implementation?

That is an interesting question.

I made the transition with glee. I provide a turnkey solution, so my customer doesn’t know or care about the OS.

An operator should have no interest in the OS. As long as the interface shows up everyday and enables production, the OS is not the operator’s business. And you can add minesweeper if that is a problem…

I guess the biggest issue for people is having an IT staff that is willing and able to maintain the linux systems. I recently installed two Ignition systems in the UK running on Ubuntu. When the IT manager found out the systems were running Ubuntu, he got a big grin on his face. He was truly happy to have an alternative in his plant.