The same content of designer is not displaying in web page

I've changed the background color and border color property binding for null so as to display from DB->EOL1_CLK->RLF_Tester
But the circle part color is in black only for null status in URL...

Why its reflecting like this and I've changed it from 'Null' to 'null' and vice versa then also no changes.
How to change the color in URL

You need to be more accurate in describing the problem.

There is no component or property labeled "URL" as far as we can see. What does this sentence mean?
What do you expect to happen and what does happen?
What is DB->EOL1_CLK->RLF_Tester?

Are you trying to compare with the string "Null" or with the value null?

In designer the null status is binded from DB which you can see in the left side tags section and its correctly showing the yellow color inside the circle and background...

But in web page the null tester alone is not showing yellow color inside the circle..
String Null

Note that expression values of "Null", "null", and null are all distinctly different, with the first two being strings and the third being the equivalent of a None-type value. Is the parameter being sent to this View a string, or is it null/None?

You can also try clearing your browser cache or loading from a different browser.

First two status Pass, Fail are string and third one is null from DB..

You say the database is returning Null but your map transorm is looking for "Null" which is a non-null string.

Try removing the "Null" mapping so that when Null is found that the comparison falls through to Fallback and set that to yellow.

Thanks a lot, it worked well..

While this might work, you need to be careful here. In a large percentage of use-cases, the fallback is used to capture unexpected values so that they might be acted on. By allowing null to be handled by the fallback entry of the map, you run the risk of displaying the null appearance even if you receive a string like "Broken".

I recommend that you keep an entry for null and leave the fallback as black so that you get the best of both worlds; null will be yellow, and unexpected values will render black. In theory, you could even leave the "Null" (string) entry to capture any "Null" string returns.

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ok, Thanks..