The tag({PathToTag}) doesn't work correctly in alarm expression binding


I try to get value of the current tag with tag({PathToTag}) expression binding in the Alarm Display Path, but it always return -1.

As {PathToTag} is always string type and show what is the tag Path it should work with tag() function.

Wondering if you need the provider supplied? What version?
Also, if it’s relative, try using relative addressing tag('[.]../tag')

I already add provider in tagpath. 8.0.12
Doesn’t work

What happens if you add quotes?


Works for me in 8.1.0-STABLE.
I have a UDT called ForumTest with a child tag called RandomDouble2
Here are the following results:

{PathToTag} # gives me ForumTest/RandomDouble2
tag({PathToTag}) # gives me the tag value 86.393
tag('{PathToTag}') # gives me ForumTest/RandomDouble2/Alarm

Thanks it seems you are right in 8.1 release.
By the way isnt it {PathToTag} string? So why we have to add "?

{PathToTag} is a string. You don’t have to add “” to get a tags value (Your original code would have worked tag({PathToTag})).

I’m actually not sure why the below returns ForumTest/RandomDouble2/Alarm