The UaExpert has been connected to Ignition OPC UA Server, but no data in uaExpert?

UaExpert Version: 1.4.6 237
Ignition Platform: 8.0.8 (b2020021111)

According the default value in web page of ‘Server Settings’, and I also import the Certificates of Server Security to UaExpert.
Such as:

If Ignition is running on a different host then you will have to modify the Ignition OPC UA server’s bind address and restart it. By default it binds only to localhost. It’s under Config > OPC UA > Server Settings in the gateway.

You may also need the newest version of UaExpert. Older versions had trouble with Ignition’s default security configuration, which only allows secured connections to the session endpoint URL, including GetEndpoints service calls. The discovery URL would be opc.tcp:// in your case and UaExpert will need to use this URL, which in newer versions will then correctly interpret the response to and make a session against the session endpoint.