The vision client freezes in 'starting project'

I have a issue to start the projects in the vision client, it stays frozen in 'starting project' in the gateway the client appears, and in the logs no error appears.

please help.

Which logs did you check?

On windows:



Did you check there?


Try delete the cache in the .ignition folder and start the application again

Can you provide a copy of those logs while the project is stuck on 'Starting Project'?

Also may be worth taking some thread dumps of the client using Jstack while the client is stuck loading if deleting the cache doesn't get you anywhere, reaching out to support for help with this is a good idea.

If deleting the cache folder doesn't help, examine the local launcher log file and locate the actual java command that gets logged near the end. Take that entire command line and run it in a terminal window. Then you should get additional logging (to share here, or with support).

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I deleted the cache folder, I executed the last command that appears in the logs and no error appears.
It only works when I run the vision client as administrator. users will not be administrators.
any ideas?

What processing within the project happens differently for administrators?

Nothing inside the project, I have simply created an empty project. when i open the visionclientlauncher.exe as administrator it works correctly, otherwise it stays in 'starting project'

Your IT department is probably blocking something that happens relatively late in the client initialization cycle. Do you have the web browser module?

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Thanks for the answers.
My IT department doesn't block anything, since nothing appears in the logs we don't know what it is. and we don't have the web browser module.

On just a single machine or all machines?