The 'wrap in container' option doesn't appear with multiple selection in 8.1.4

The new ‘wrap in container’ item doesn’t show up when I select multiple objects in view. It only shows when I only select one object.

It’s never appeared when multiple comonents are selected, or rather, it never should have been an option when multiple components are selected.

As a hypothetical, how would we position multiple components within a coordinate container if you had multiple selected and then selected the wrap option? We determined this use-case was impossible because the expectation was most likely something like “wrap these multiple components in a coordinate container while maintaining their relative spacing, but position the upper-left-most component at 0,0 of the new container”. So we settled on allowing for only a single component to be wrapped, and then you can copy/paste components into the new container as needed.

Actually, my most use cases of multiple selection is for coordinate container.
What most people need is option for grouping objects like in vision.

Making it, it’s easy, when user select multiple selection of objects, take the top left object at 0 0 coordinate of container and calculate offset of other objects base on that. In this way it behave like vision grouping option.

For flex, from left to right put object in row direction and so on.
Believe many people really need this grouping option and make life so easy for us.

I forget to mention for the most bottom right object, plus its height and width, you can get the bottom left corner of the coordinate container.

And what about percent mode? We thought about all of this, and at the time we implemented the “wrap in container” option users needed something to allow for a way to quickly wrap at least one component in a container.

Regardless, the option is not “missing” in 8.1.4.

Ok if you ask and voting, most people need grouping option and we don’t need percent mode. You can by default set it to fixed mode.

As a system integrator our view point is different to developer team and it’s normal. The real fact is simple grouping by flex and coordinate container is something that save a lot of mouse clicking and time for us.
For example you may notice complaints about selecting an object in nested containers in a view which is laggy and hard.
Create a container and select object and drag into is also hard in perspective specially sometimes the whole offset and put in some where far from 0 0 point of container.