Thermodynamic Properties

Has anyone used a py thermo module for retrieving properties such as enthalpy, entropy, Cp etc, specifically interested in steam/water. Any insights or lessons learned appreciated.

GitHub - CalebBell/thermo: Thermodynamics, phase equilibria, transport properties and chemical database component of Chemical Engineering Design Library (ChEDL)

This One? It looks like it requires a minimum of python 2.7 so it will not work in v7.9, only v8.0 or higher. Also from thermo · PyPI it shows that it is still in the alpha stage of development. Probably not something you want to use in production yet, but could be good to experiment with.

We’ve had great success with this one:

There are some good posts on the forum about using third-party jars if you’ve never done so before.

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Thanks to you and thanks to Mr. Hayes as well for the responses. Still on 7.9 so its 2.5 compatible or bust. Doing online boiler fouling and cycle efficiency stuff and hoping to find a decent toolkit to help. You are correct that I need help with 3rd party JARs. I’ll do some reading on that as well.